Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the available gestures in Touchpad?
A: Mouse mode: Two-finger scroll, one-finger mouse move, hold-to-right click, accelerometer mouse move, on-screen qwerty keyboard by double tapping action circle. Mouse left/right key press and slide to left/right over the mouse key for hold. Scroll bar: scroll up at pressing upper part of the scroll and scroll down by pressing bottom part of the scroll bar.
A: Keyboard mode: Slide/flick up-down-left-right (cursor up-down-left-right), press for backspace and click for space (usually browser scroll) in 4-way key, move to mouse mode by flicking up/lower part of the screen.

Q: How to request for general help?
A: Please use twitter @NullarGame to make support requests. You will be served quickly. Also emailing to support at works in the similar way.

Q: Why my virus scanner warns me when running Touchpad Control Server?
A: Touchpad Control Server is scanned to be free of viruses/trojans. However, some virus scanner manufacturers categorically warns user if application delivers key or mouse events to other applications (which Touchpad Control Server must do to operate at all).

Q: How can I get Touchpad Server working with Windows 8?
A: Please use the compatibility mode in Internet explorer 10 to open the download page and press the refresh button. That should initiate the standard One-click-install procedure. For some reason the installation in non-compatibility mode does not work and the culprit is Internet explorer 10. (Thanks for Jessenic and Mouni for the tips.)

Q: I have trouble in getting the connection working?
A: First, please install the Touchpad Control Server and let it connect to your home network. Windows firewall may show a dialog that asks if Touchpad Control Server can connect to your home network.
A: Check that your Windows phone is connect to the same network as your computer. Usually they are at your home in the same WiFi network but please recheck.
A: Use the IP addresses that are shown by Touchpad Control Server. Sometimes you may have to try all the IP-addresses that are shown.
A: Use the AutoConnect IP-address which is
A: Use the AutoConnect button to connect automatically. Your PC will show a message that says ”Windows phone is trying to connect”. Let the connection happen by pressing Yes with your normal mouse or keyboard.

Q: Why Touchpad Free wants to know your location?
A: Touchpad Free uses Microsoft Advertising Framework and it is advised to deliver the location information to make the adds more accurate.
A: Paid version of Touchpad does not ask for your location information.

Q: Why the mouse pointer stops responding sometimes?
A: If applications require Administrator-level user rights (like driver installation etc.) Touchpad is not sending mouse events to those applications. Those administrative level tasks are better to do with a real mouse and keyboard as there is always a change that someone will make a phone call to you to interrupt your actions.

Q: How can I drag and drop?
A: Swipe your left mouse button to the left and it gets locked. The right mouse button has the similar functionality. You can release the locked mouse button by just pressing it again.

Q: How is it possible to control my PC with my Windows phone?
A: Touchpad application send the cursor information to your PC via WiFi-network. Your PC will translate these WiFi commands to normal mouse movements.

Q: Are there any security things I should be worried about?
A: If you use Touchpad in your home WiFi network the situation is similar if you give your keyboard and a mouse to someone in your home. Consider it carefully when using Touchpad in an office environment, you may not want your co-workers to use your computer (even the user must be close at your computer to see the screen it is still not advisable).

Q: Sometimes there is a bit of a lag and sometimes not?
A: Everything is done to optimize the speed of the Touchpad at the software side but there are come situations where the fastest code can not do much. As your WiFi network is used in delivering the mouse events to your PC. If the WiFi network has lots of traffic or there are several overlapping WiFi networks it is possible that there is lags generated by the WiFi network itself. Lag is usually generated by several network packets colliding with each other generating a resend of the package.

Q: How does Touchpad Control Server work?
A: It will listen to your WiFi network and gets the mouse movement events from there. Touchpad Control Server will know the device type and id and will use that information to optimize the performance of the mouse movements.

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